Trusted TikTok Downloader APKs For Android: Download With Confidence

James Dooley

Trusted TikTok Downloader APKs For Android: Download With Confidence

Snaptik – Ripping TikTok video to get the raw video file you can watch offline is no longer difficult. Nowadays, you can find many TikTok downloader tools that allow you to do that easily and for free. However, if you have a problem getting the tool on your Android phone, you might need to get the APK file for the TikTok downloader tool. Here, we have the guide to the Trusted TikTok Downloader APKs for Android: Download with Confidence.

You can find various APK files out there that allow you to install the TikTok downloader tool on an Android device. We have chosen four of them that we consider the best you can use among a thousand available APKs. Let’s see what they are.


When we are talking about TikTok video or audio downloaders, Snaptik always comes first in our mind. This name is a very popular name among many TikTok downloader tools. Why is Snaptik popular? Why did we put this tool in the first place?

Snaptik has so many advantageous features, which make it the first option you should choose. For example:

  • It is free to use – you can use Snaptik for free. There is no paid version or subscription fee. You only need to get the tool, and then you can use its entire feature.
  • No watermark – you can download a TikTok video without a watermark with Snaptik.
  • High-quality video – Snaptik allows you to download TikTok videos in high resolution up to 4K.
  • Multiple video formats – you also can download video or audio in different formats with Snaptik.
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Those are several features that Snaptik has for its free service. Therefore, it is not surprising to see Snaptik as one of the recommendations as well in our list, Download TikTok Videos Without the Watermark: Best Tools Revealed. So, you can visit that as well to learn more about the best tools to download TikTok videos.


Snaptube is also another good option for downloading TikTok videos. However, this tool was not only designed as a TikTok video downloader. You also can use it for various video platforms and social media. Therefore, you can rely on Snaptube whenever you want to rip videos from online sources.

The download steps are similar to other TikTok downloader tools. Copy the TikTok video URL, open the Snaptube app, paste the URL to the download bar, and then hit the download button. Snaptube will search for the code and start to download the video. Then, once it finishes the download process, you can get the raw video file for that TikTok video you can watch offline.

As for its features, Snaptube has some of them, such as:

  • No watermark,
  • Multiple video formats and resolutions,
  • Fast download speed,
  • Easy-to-use interface,
  • Built-in video player,
  • Built-in file manager,
  • Free to use.
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Video Downloader without Watermark

Our next APK for Android is Video Downloader without Watermark. The name itself shows you what this tool can do. It is a tool you can count on for downloading TikTok on your phone.

The download steps are also similar to other TikTok downloader tools. You can even use the built-in browser to open TikTok and download it from there. Therefore, you don’t need to copy the video URL.

Now, let’s see the Video Downloader without Watermark features:

  • No watermark,
  • Multiple video formats,
  • Various video resolutions,
  • Built-in video player and browser,
  • No registration and it is all free to use.

YTD Video Downloader

Our next entry in the list of Trusted TikTok Downloader APKs for Android: Download with Confidence is YTD Video Downloader. This tool is one of the popular names among TikTok video downloader tools for iOS devices. However, you can also get it through APK for your Android device.

The features in YTD Video Downloader are similar to the other two we mentioned above, such as:

  • No watermark downloaded video,
  • Various video formats are available, plus you can choose different resolutions without limiting yourself to the version you use,
  • Fast download speed,
  • Easy-to-use interface,
  • A built-in browser that allows you to visit the TikTok website and download the video directly,
  • No registration aka it is free to use.
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Why Should You Use APK TikTok Video Downloader Tool?

Some of the TikTok video downloader tools are available on Google PlayStore. So, why should you use APK files? Here are the reasons.

  • Bypass Geo-Restriction 

People who live in certain areas can’t access or download the aforementioned TikTok downloader tool. In the worst case, they can’t even access Google PlayStore to get the tool. Therefore, APK files help them bypass that limitation, so they can install the TikTok video downloader tool.

  • Get the Update Faster

Google PlayStore often holds the update upload to maintain the security of the newly uploaded content. However, some developer of those TikTok video downloader tools provides the update in APK files in another place for you. So, you can get the update faster by downloading those APK files.

  • Install the Favorite Version

The update may improve and add more features to the TikTok downloader tool. However, you might dislike the new addition and want to use the old version. Thus, APK is the solution. Find the APK for an older version of that tool and install it on your Android.


Those are four recommendations for TikTok video downloader APK for Android devices. They are the best tool among many similar tools available today. So, do not hesitate to choose and try them. That is all about Trusted TikTok Downloader APKs for Android: Download with Confidence.


James Dooley

James Dooley

James Dooley is an entrepreneur and technology innovator best known for founding Snaptik, a platform that offers users the ability to download TikTok videos without watermarks. As the CEO, he has been instrumental in steering the company towards becoming a leading service for content creators and TikTok enthusiasts who want to save and share their favorite videos across different platforms.